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Short documentary from the demonstrations on the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, held at the peak of the covid-19 pandemic.

The filmmakers are putting the happenings in society into wider contexts by analyzing it through the lecture of the Italian philosopher Umberto Eco entitled Ur-Fascism. The film was broadcast by RTVS and was awarded as the best student documentary film at the 62nd Zlín Film Festival. The film was screened at several film festivals in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania and Georgia.


Sociopolitical film about various forms of civil disobedience and the risk of their criminalization
by the state.


There is a fire nearby

A collective film documentary from the Slovak-Ukrainian border, which is capturing the rebirth of the Slovak fields at the epicenter of the refugee crisis right after the outbreak of the Russian invasion.


The Most Beautiful Corner
in the World

Documentary essay about the tense relations within the divided Slovak society against the background of the ongoing war in Ukraine. The guide of the film is a Ukrainian artist who wins the casting for the reporter of a fictional television, with whom she searches for an answer to the question: „What is fascism?”

The world premiere of the film was at the prestigious 27th IFDF Ji.hlava and was screened at several other film festivals in the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic and Germany.



Short pseudo-documentary   for   Pohoda festival,  which is mapping  the  security of the festival against people, who are  trying to snuck into the area without a ticket. 
The accentuation of  double meanings and associations  transforms a banal report from a summer music festival  into a metaphor about human rights  and refugee crisis.

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